Breathe Clean with OHAir MySpace Air and Surface Purifier

Remove inflammation causing contaminants from your indoor environment

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Why OHAir®MySpace?

OHAir MySpace creates “organic air” indoors by destroying germs, bacteria and mould spores giving you and your family the healthiest indoor air possible.

Here’s why you should have OHAir MySpace in your home.

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    The Cleanest Air for Your Family

    Organic air indoors is possible with OHAir MySpace’s powerful atmospheric hydroxyls that clean and sanitize all of the air in your indoor spaces – not just the air that passes through a filter.

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    Kill Germs Fast

    The OHAir® MySpace hydroxyl generation technology kills 99.999% of flu causing organisms in your space within 4 hours.

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    Mould Spores Eliminated

    Other air purifiers use filters. Filters can’t touch mould spores and what they can’t touch, they can’t stop. OHAir® MySpace's atmospheric hydroxyls seek out and destroy mould spores.

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    Fresh Air Smells Better

    The OHAir® MySpace removes unpleasant odours caused by things like cooking, smoke, shoes, wet clothes, pets and – dare we say – even loved ones.

Testimonials from OHAir MySpace users

I would like to make a heartfelt THANK YOU for the technology that is the OHAir hydroxyl air purifier. Within 3 days of having the purifier going day and night I could breath easier. Dr. (0steo) Lisa Vaughan
In January 2016, an OHAir air purifier was introduced to me and the first night we used that equipment it has changed my son’s life. No colds, no more sleepless nights for him and me and he can play normally with the other kids and that’s priceless. Chona Rivera

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It’s Time to Ensure You’re Breathing Clean

Most of us aren’t aware that the air in our house is more polluted than air outside. In fact, indoor air is often 2 to 100 times more contaminated than outdoor air!

Inflammation causing bacteria, viruses, odour molecules and volatile organic compounds get trapped inside our homes – and work spaces – and these indoor air contaminants put our health at risk.

The OHAir® MySpace purifier uses Odorox® MDU/Rx™ patented technology, proven to kill 99.999% of airborne and surface bacteria, mould spores and viruses.

The OHAir® MySpace™ uses the same technology as Odorox’s MDU/Rx unit which has been tested and is approved by the FDA to be used in occupied medical facilities.
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  • Mold
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The Power of Atmospheric Hydroxyls

The Odorox® technology used in the OHAir® MySpace creates organic air by replicating Mother Nature’s purification process of creating atmospheric hydroxyls.

Atmospheric hydroxyls are naturally occurring oxidants that are created in the atmosphere when the suns ultraviolet rays react with water vapor in the air and are critical in keeping the earth’s atmosphere clean.

The OHAir® MySpace creates atmospheric hydroxyls indoors which safely move through the air and along surfaces killing unwanted bacteria, viruses, mould spores, VOCs and odour molecules. When the atmospheric hydroxyls find these contaminants they destroy the contaminant by breaking down their chemical bonds.

OHAir® MySpace Actively Cleans Your Air so you can Breathe Clean

Most air purifiers wait for air pollutants to be pulled through a filter to be cleaned.

The OHAir® MySpace features a powerful processing chamber to sanitize the air and – unlike other air purifiers – also creates atmospheric hydroxyls that are released from the OHAir® MySpace to seek and destroy bacteria, viruses, mould spores, odour molecules, VOC’s, and other chemicals found indoors.

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The Specs

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The OHAir® MySpace comes in white and black.

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At 33 centimeters long, 11 centimeters wide and 29 centimeters high and at 3.8 kilograms in weight the OHAir® MySpace fits easily in any room.

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The OHAir® MySpace cleans the air of a living space 300 to 700 square feet in size.

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With 45W of power you can use your OHAir® MySpace 24 hours a day, seven days a week with minimal electricity costs.

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The noise level of the OHAir® MySpace is 32 to 38 dB at 1 metre. In sones the OHAir® MySpacewould be rated 1 Sone. This is quieter than a typical standing fan or air conditioner.

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We’re proud of the certifications the OHAir® MySpace has achieved. The list includes: CE, FCC, C-Tick, CQC.

Approved Technology

  • The OHAir MySpace uses the same technology as the Odorox® MDU/Rx for use in occupied medical spaces.
  • Kills 99.999% of airborne and surface bacteria, mould spores and viruses in your room.
  • The only technology to safely destroy both surface and airborne contaminants.

Buy Risk Free

We know you and your family will love your OHAir MySpace. We also know it’s nice to not worry if you change your mind. We make returns as simple as possible. If, for whatever reason, you are dissatisfied with your OHAir MySpace unit, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.


One year including all parts, labour & shipping.


We know you want to put your OHAir® MySpace to use as fast as possible so we use FedEx and offer delivery at the flat rate of $20.


One year including all parts, labour & shipping.

Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are breathing the cleanest air possible. Get the OHAir MySpace today!

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